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Convert Your Desk To An Anderlyn Stand Up Desk

Benefits Of Using A Stand Up Desk Converter

  • When you spend time at the standup desk, you will experience immediate relief in your lower back. Straighten your spine by rotating your pelvis to eliminate the gap in your lower back.
  • Having a stand up desk converter desk gives you the option of either standing or sitting in place. Sitting actually places up to around 40 to 80% more stress on your back than standing.
  • With our adjustable stand up desk, you will find that you have far more mobility than a typical stationary desk can offer. You will experience improved circulation.
  • You will experience increased mental sharpness and be better able to concentrate with our stand up desk converter.
  • Reduce fatigue and experience higher energy levels after a long day at work as a direct result of the improved circulation provided by our desk. Goodbye to 3:00 p.m. brain fog!
  • A major improvement will be in your enhanced productivity at work. Our stand up desk users have found that they experience a 10 to 30% increase in productivity.