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About Anderlyn

Some years ago I was working on an important project, and it was necessary one of my key associates go on an extended leave of absence. Soon I noticed pain in the back of my neck. I theorized it was a temporary thing, due to my associate being gone, resulting in increased work hours and added stress.

After my associate returned to work, the pain in my neck continued to bother me. In fact, the condition worsened to the point that the C7 vertebra at the top of my back began to swell. Carolyn (my partner in the Anderlyn Stand Up Desk Company) suggested I go see our chiropractor. While at the Montellese Family Chiropractic clinic, I was asked, “When at work, do you sit at your desk? Is the computer positioned to the side and above eye level?” The answers were yes. “Those are your two main problems”, was the analysis of Dr. Montellese.

So Carolyn and I decided it was time to design a desktop that was strong, light, portable, and convenient (demonstrated in video below). It would be one allowing us to work standing up, with our computer straight ahead, at eye level. As a result, we developed the Anderlyn Stand Up Desk. We truly believe you will be comfortable with it, and that it will assist you in your work performance. We are proud to have our desk made entirely in the United States of America.

Since we’ve been using the Anderlyn Stand Up Desk ourselves, my back pain has been eliminated and Carolyn’s mobility, energy and general work performance have all improved significantly.

We hope you will consider using our product and welcome your comments.  Other companies who we work with to promote health and standing in the workplace are Health Atlast, Balanced Body Training and Clutter Free and Organize.  Please also view our “Other Clients” listing.  Thank you for visiting

Bill and Carolyn Anderson