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Why Invest In A Stand Up Desk?

Why Invest In A Stand Up Desk?

Technology is now integrated into every aspect of our day. Whether in an office or at home, people spend countless hours behind a desk working on a computer. Sitting for long periods of time can contribute to back pain and tense muscles. Stand up desks allow a person to stretch and contract muscles that have remained in one position for too long. This has shown to ease muscle tension and improve posture. Periods of movement throughout the day revitalizes the body and increases productivity.

Mini-Breaks are Essential

It is recommended that any worker fixed in the same position for an extended period take short breaks. Referred to as “active breaks,” this allows the worker a few minutes to move around, stretch their muscles and regroup. A person should move about every 20-30 minutes throughout their day to stretch out muscles that have been static. Regular muscle and core movement will strengthen the spine, making back injuries less likely.

Sitting for Long Periods Effects Your Health

The Journal of the American Chiropractic Association has found that giving workers the option to move between sitting and standing, during their work day, puts less pressure on the back and neck. When sitting for too long, a person tends to slouch forward and hunch their shoulders. Even the best chair will not prevent this from happening. Eventually, circulation decreases, and the person is left feeling slow and sluggish. Furthermore, workers slouch forward when their keyboard is positioned too low or far away. Sitting hunched over actually closes off the diaphragm, leading to labored breathing.

Get the Blood Flowing

When a worker has the opportunity to take standing breaks, blood begins to flow again. They are more alert and more able to complete their task. Unlike when sitting, standing utilizes the entire body. Muscles are more active, increased circulation revitalizes the brain, and in the end you have an energetic, productive worker. United States based Anderlyn Company has created a stand up desk to get workers out of their chairs.

Benefits of the Anderlyn Stand Up Desk

The Anderlyn Stand Up Desk was ergonomically designed for workers who spend long hours sitting and have little opportunity to move around. Their stand up desk is the alternative to place you in a position for proper posture and optimal circulation. You will stand tall with head, neck and back all in alignment to prevent straining. While typing, the keyboard is perfectly situated for your elbow height at a 90 degree angle. This allows your wrists to remain straight, decreasing the risk of injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. People often assume that a stand up desk will not have enough room to accommodate essential items at their workstation. However, the Anderlyn Stand Up Desk was designed for your height and needs. This ensures you will have everything you require within reach, without painful bending or twisting. While the desk is strong enough to hold a computer or laptop, it is also incredibly lightweight and portable.

Do not wait for the inevitable muscle aches and back pain that come with sitting in a chair for too long. Improve your circulation and your health with an Anderlyn Stand Up Desk. You will feel less tense and be more productive when given the chance to move around and stretch those stiff muscles.

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