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How Long Should I Stand At My Desk?

How Long Should I Stand At My Desk?

Many of us have heard in the news recently that the act of just sitting at your desk at work can be unhealthy. Some reports have even dubbed sitting all day at a desk to be the "new smoking." It is true that remaining inactive throughout the day at a desk creates certain health risks and that by taking breaks from sitting can make a significant difference in overall health. How much sitting is too much? The approximate answer to that question may be anything more than about half of your work day.

Prolonged Sitting Can increase Risk of Disease

What we have learned to date is that prolonged sitting can increase the risk of disease and shorten one's lifespan. That's right! You could die prematurely as a result of the mere act of doing your work in the sitting position all day. It also stands to reason and is widely known that long periods parked in a chair may cause weight gain, decreased energy and lowered metabolism.

Given that long periods of sitting are bad for us, what can we do to improve our health? Science says that breaking up your day with regular periods of standing and even walking will do the trick. The word is that standing or walking at least two hours per day during the work day is a good start and that the amount of time on your feet should gradually be increased to four hours per work day.

Alternate Sitting with Standing

Developing a pattern of interrupting sitting periods with standing or walking (or other light activity) seems to be the key to avoiding undesirable health consequences. Faced with this advice, many workaholics wonder, "how am I going to remember to regularly stand for short periods of time on every day I am at work?". Relax! Necessity has led to invention! Enter a new way to avoid sitting too long: the Anderlyn Stand Up Desk.

Because prolonged sitting creates 40 to 80 percent more stress upon the back, a stand up desk is the perfect antidote to the ills of being sedentary. The Anderlyn Stand Up Desk is adjustable so that you can stand when you feel ready and return to the sitting position when that is your choice. The Anderlyn Stand Up Chair allows you to do what science says you must do to maintain good health while also working as much as your job requires.

Active People Must Also Sit/Stand At Their Workstation

The advice of standing during the work day does still apply to those of us who exercise before or after going to the office. Prolonged sitting is bad for everyone, regardless of whether you arrive at your work station fitter than your colleagues. While it's true a fitter person will probably come to work with fewer health concerns than a completely inactive person, the fit person must still mix up the work day with sitting and standing. Supplement the fitness regime with a healthy work lifestyle of periodically standing two to four hours per day.

Because we must all set a goal of standing two to four hours a day while working, a stand up desk makes perfect sense as a means to achieve better health, and particularly a better back. The stand up desk allows the desk-bound worker to perform many tasks, like telephone conferences or other things that don't involve working on a computer, while standing. Using a stand up desk will also nicely complement the exercise regime you do outside of work. Sit less and stand more and enjoy better health.

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