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10 Ways to Improve Posture at Your Desk This Year

Congratulations! You're on a mission to improve your health and wellbeing. You eat healthy, don't smoke or quit. Now they tell us "sitting is the new smoking." If your livelihood depends on working on a computer, that usually means sitting at a desk; slowly killing yourself.

If the only thing you exercise during a work day is your Gluteus Maximus (aka the tush) you have a problem. You're at serious increased risk of: obesity, diabetes, multiple cancers, increased blood pressure, poor posture, back pain, and emotional problems.

You might be able to convince the boss you're working too hard. You need a LOT more breaks. That's probably not going to work. A solution you can both live with is work standing! Adjustable height desks are the easiest way to get off your rear and maintain posture and health in general.

Are you a slouch grouch? People who constantly slouch are usually more depressed. The impression others get are you're sloppy and lazy. Not a great career enhancer/builder. Shoulders back and a straight spine is the cure.

Get rid of the reasons you slouch. Most people have their keyboard or writing surface at the wrong height or distance. They start looking more like Quasimodo while working. Too far away and too low means you can't help but slouch. Too close and too high means you put strain on the arms, wrist, shoulders and back.

Bad posture results in labored breathing. The human body is designed in such a way that it's impossible to breathe correctly with poor posture. The ability of the diaphragm to move is directly related to posture. Good breathing techniques force you to also assume good posture. Can't do one without the other.

Squinting only looks good on Clint Eastwood. For the rest of us it causes poor posture. As important as proper height and reach, if you lean forward or backward when looking at a screen or paper, it's not possible to maintain posture with poor eyesight.

Monitor your monitor height. Don't force your neck up or down. Keep monitor heights at a comfortable line of sight where the neck (and spine) are in a natural position.

High heels and thick soles are only good for show. Good footwear is the start of good posture. Everything you throw out of balance at your feet sends trouble all the way to your neck.

Phones are necessary, but evil to posture. Holding one between ear and shoulder should be outlawed by the Geneva Convention. If you spend much of your workday on the phone, you need to use a headset or other device that allows you to keep your neck from making a ninety degree turn while talking.

Keep your ears aligned over the shoulders. Whether you're sitting or standing, good posture starts with the neck. Keeping your ears over the shoulders is an excellent way to monitor yourself. Most of the time we're not aware of the strain we place on our neck. If you consciously remind yourself to keep your neck straight, the rest of the body follows the form.

"Work smarter not harder" is a phrase we often hear. Everything you use on a regular or constant basis should be within a comfortable reach. If you're constantly reaching for an object it's hard to maintain good posture. Keep the phone, mouse, pens and pads at comfortable levels and easy reach.

Few of us have posture on our "to-do" list. Studies tell us it should be. The health risks from bad posture are enormous; the benefits of good posture are huge.

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